The BAT Distribution is a privately owned company with a heritage that dates back to 2014. Our roots began with a vision to provide quality international products and services to the people of Australia. Today our Group is one of the largest distribution companies in Adelaide. We are also proud to say we have a long-standing reputation of experience with the world’s leading brands across a diverse range of business activities. This success is born out of our unwavering commitment to the long-term development and strategic growth of not just our Company but also that of our partners

As a Company, we thrive on innovation, which is the key to our consistent market share results and achievement awards. The BAT Distribution operations are currently in Australia and New Zelanad. Our partners and competitors credit us with an impeccable reputation and with excellent public and private sector relationships. But from our perspective our most important affirmation comes from customer satisfaction across each of our Company business divisions.

We are proud to say that the BAT Distribution is financially sound and we possess a pristine reputation among our staff who stay long with us, our principals who enjoy doing business with us, retailers who prosper alongside us and our people which recognizes us.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Company Mission, Vision and Values have been created by people of Australia and New Zeland and also for people around the World


To be the partner of choice.


We will be the partner of choice for our customers, our suppliers and our people. We will deliver sustained growth. We will live the values of our organization. Also we want to give people of Australia natural and healthy products.


Service: Our Principals and customers, both internal and external, will all be treated to consistently high standards of service excellence. We will ensure that total customer satisfaction is the result of our continuous focus on quality.

Honesty, integrity and trust: We will commit to these three words which govern our approach in everything we do. These values will reflect how we deal with people; how we take decisions; and how we run our business.

Achievement: As achievers we will be goal and results orientated and passionate about success. We will constantly challenge the status quo by being innovative and creative.

Respect: We will always treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

People: We strongly believe that happy and motivated people deliver results. We will create an environment where individuals and teams can flourish. We will appreciate effort and reward results and we will create a learning organisation that encourages people development.