Mg Mivela


By virtue of it’s composition and characteristics, Mg Mivela is distinctive to it’s region, and the entire world.

Specifically, the high quantity and quality of naturally occurring electrolytes make Mg Mivela extremely unique and remarkable.

1 liter of Mg Mivela natural sparkling mineral water contains: Mg++ // 343.0, Na+ // 121.0, Ca++ // 25.1, K+ // 9.04


Magnesium contributes to stabilization of heart activity

Magnesium, which exists in a form suitable for rapid entry into blood circulation, reduces blood vessel tonus and stabalizes heart activity. In addition, magnesium has a positive effect on the nervous system.

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GTG Living water-sparkling and still water-Our spring is located between two mountains in the valley where no farming has been done ever, which means that no fertilizers are ever used, thus no contamination of the aquifer. The population of the villages in the mountains surrounding the valley is no more than a hundred. The livestock of these villagers is only for their needs. This means that there can’t be any pollution because of the livestock in all this vast area which covers more than 100 square Kms and with mountains of more than 1500 metres in height. That means that all of the water that naturally rises from our artesian spring is the cleanest water anyone can find.   GTG Living Water aims to provide
the purest and cleanest quality water globally, with 10% of all profit going to charity to help as many people as possible around the world.