Ajvar Babas choice

It gives us special organoleptic enjoyment, and relaxation of our senses with the taste of roasted peppers grown in the fertile valley of our three Moravas. Pepper is harvested at full technological maturity. After the manual removal of the seed pod, the pepper is roasted in a flow tunnel, where the pulp is immediately and completely burned, which is the most important stage in the production of ajvar. Peeling is done by hand, the peeled fillet is cooled, later ground, and fried with the addition of all the spices that make it special on our market.

Babas choice - Beetroot Salad

Is a product obtained by careful selection of ripe and high-quality beetroot fruits, grown in a maritime garden, of uniform size, which did not become woody in the central cells of the fruit, where the highest quality juice was accumulated during development. Such fruits are washed and processed by special technological procedures, cut and arranged by hand in jars, when they are later poured with an acidic solution with the addition of spices that give a refreshing low-energy product, rich in vitamins and minerals, which is suitable for the nutrition of both healthy people and chronically ill people. and is especially recommended for children and athletes.

Babas choice - Paprika

Red pepper slices. It can't be more natural.

Babas choice - Mixed Salad

Babas choice - Cornichon

Pickled cucumbers.


By choosing the best quality fruit from the beautiful nature of Serbia, we prepared delicious compotes

Fruit are a perfect dessert, especially when combined with ice cream or whipped cream. Compotes full of these gifts of nature can be enjoyed all year round.

Baba’s choice compote fruits contain no artificial colours or preservatives and are excellent for the preparation of fruit cakes, fruit salads and many other goodies.

Real Red raspberry organic spread

Real Red is a premium quality raspberry spread in a jar, made from whole raspberries. So, we’ve done it! We’ve preserved the raspberry’s natural glory.
Real Red contains over 80% raspberries, sweet-ened only with concentrated grape juice. No pre-servatives, additives, artificial colours or added sugar. Real red is genuinely red and made at low temperatures which allows it to retain the highest possible levels of antioxidants and vitamins.


It’s naturally low in organic sugar, zero fat, vegan, gluten-free and full of mood-boosting vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B1, B3, B6, Folic Acid. We’re also the only yeast spread with Vitamin B12 and Iron. So much goodness and still super rich in flavour.

But we should also mention the things we leave out – like artificial flavours and preservatives. You won’t find any of those inside our products.

With our bodies and planet in mind, we only use ethically-sourced ingredients from Australia and New Zealand, prioritising organic and with absolutely no genetically-modified ingredients, ever.

Freedom VEGE spread

All natural spread -Nothing artificial very rich source of vitamin 8 complex & folate.