Maya's kitched - Chocolada Spread

Cream product without added sugar with whey protein (17%), added vegetable fibers, and natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index. The total sugar content is 20 times lower than the products of the leading brands on the market.

Maya's kitched - Chocolada MILK & WHITE

A product similar to chocolate. No added sugar with added vegetable fiber, natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index, and reduced calorie value.


60% finest chocolate – Milk Chocolate & Biscuit with cocoa, white biscuits-MILK BOARD 60%, BISCUITS WITH BUTTER 40%, CHOCO BISCUIT –  MILK CHOCOLATE WITH BUTTER BISCUIT, CHOCO BISCUIT –  Dark chocolate with biscuit with butter 125g.

Cadbury Perky Nana

A banana flavoured chew bar covered with delicious milk chocolate.

Cadbury's chocolate fish

A popular kiwi favourite. With a strawberry marshmallow centre and coated in Cadbury dark
chocolate these are a great treat. Individually wrapped these are ideal for sharing, giveaways etc.

Nestle Pixie Caramel

This hard caramel covered in rich dark chocolate provides you with a ‘longer lasting chew’. This kiwi classic is perfect as a snack because it takes a long time to eat all the tasty and chewy caramel, which makes up 60% of the bar!

Bluebird Chips

Bluebird Chips sure have the big crispy crunch that Kiwis love!

We take top quality potatoes, peel and slice them to the right thickness, then cook them to perfection. Then we sprinkle them with special Bluebird seasoning to add unbeatable flavour to every crunch. These are flavours to savour, chips unbeaten. Chips you should be sharing now with your mates…

Because really a chip is nothing until its eaten.

✓ Cooked with canola oil and/or sunflower oil
✓ No Artificial Colours

Free the Bird!

Bluebird Curlies An alternative to Twisties with their own unique cheesy flavour, but with all the soft puffiness! Made in New Zealand from Local and Imported ingredients.

Munchos Spicy Tomato

Surprise your tastebuds with a full on, mouth crackling, spicy tomato taste explosion !Grab a pack, rip into it & satisfy your munchies!